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25kg Putty Powder Seam Bottom Bag

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Moisture Proof, Store


we accept custom size ,logo design,material,etc


  pp woven or per customers’ requirement

Opening selection

Oblique incision


Customization for 120marco-200marco



Sample time&cost

Support sample,5-7days Production time



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Zhejiang, China

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Product Introduction

Bottom stitched braid for packaging plastic resins, chemicals, milk powder, cement, feed and other powders. Refined white kraft paper or yellow kraft paper is used outside and plastic woven cloth is used inside. The plastic particle PP is melted through high temperature and high pressure to compound kraft paper and plastic woven cloth together. An inner membrane bag can be added. The form of paper plastic composite bag is equivalent to sewing bottom and opening pocket. It has the advantages of good strength, waterproof and moisture-proof.

According to the filling product type and market usage habits, there are two types of woven bags with inclined opening at the top. One is the general woven bag material with seven character opening / inclined incision, which is mostly used for pearl film color printing, matte film color printing and upper and lower flat bottom valve pocket packaging. One is kraft paper, which is made of paper plastic composite and multi-layer paper bonded bags. The price of paper packaging bags is higher than that of ordinary woven bags.

Scope of application: used for cement, putty powder, carbon powder, plastics, chemical products, building materials products, new products, etc.

The open pocket has the following features:
1. The surface is wear-resistant and can protect your image logo
2. Moisture and oil proof
3. High strength tear and tensile resistance
4. Add waterproof membrane to resist mold and pollution
5. Facilitate transportation and delivery
6. Good sealing performance

Precautions for use:
1. Avoid exposure to the sun. After using up the woven bags, they should be folded and placed in a cool, dry place away from the sun
2. Avoid rain. Woven bags are plastic products. Rainwater contains acidic substances. After rain, they are easy to be corroded and accelerate the aging of woven bags
3. To avoid placing too long, the quality of woven bags will be reduced. If they are no longer used in the future, they should be disposed of as soon as possible. If they are stored for too long, the aging will be very serious

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