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3 Ply kraft Paper Block Bottom Ceramic Tile Glue Valve Bag 20kg

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Moisture Proof, Store


we accept custom size ,logo design,material,etc


Kraft paper or per customers’ requirement

Opening selection

External valve port、Inner valve port


  Square bottom


Customization for 40gsm–150gsm



Sample time&cost

Support sample,5-7days Production time



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Zhejiang, China

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Shengyuan-packaging company

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Product Introduction

Ceramic tile glue is mainly used to paste ceramic tiles, face tiles, floor tiles and other decorative materials. It is widely used in the decoration of internal and external walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and other buildings. Such building materials need to be stored in a cool and dry environment. The most commonly used packaging is valve bag packaging.

At present, the most commonly used packaging material for ceramic tile glue is the square bottom valve bag made of three papers and one film, in which a layer of PE film is added to achieve the effect of moisture-proof and moisture-proof, so as to prevent the hardening of ceramic tile glue during storage.

Detailed description of:
1. Bag mouth: the design of bag mouth valve port is more humanized, convenient for loading, safe and environmental protection. (The inner valve port is designed to be automatically sealed after filling materials, and the outer valve port needs to be manually sealed after filling materials)
2. Square bottom design: the bag bottom adopts square bottom design, which is more firm and has a stronger three-dimensional feeling. After filling materials, the three-dimensional shape is more convenient for transportation and stacking storage.
3. Bag material: the bag fabric is made of high-quality kraft paper, which is fine and shiny, showing the quality of big brands
4. Environmental protection concept: paper materials, kraft paper can be recycled and degraded, and follow the principle of sustainable development
5. Customized effect: customized and printed drawings. The picture printing is clear and not blurred. The color printing film is compounded on the surface of kraft paper, which can improve the printing quality of products

The following are the product size recommendations, and the data are for reference only:
1. Ceramic tile glue – 20kg – 38 * 38 * 10cm
2. Ceramic tile glue – 25kg – 40 * 45 * 10cm

The details are customized according to your customization requirements.

The valve bag has strong fall resistance and good sealing performance, which can better store ceramic tile glue.

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