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Now let’s talk about the first shopping kraft paper bag, which came out in 1908 in St. Paul, Minnesota. To better drive sales at the market, local grocer boss Walter Duviner is increasingly looking for ways to get customers to buy large quantities of items at once.
Duwena felt that this should be a prefabricated bag, which is low-cost, easy to use, and can bear at least 75 pounds of net weight. Through many experiments, he locks the material of the packaging bag on the packaging paper, because it uses wood fiber long hardwood pulp, which is solved by mild sodium hydroxide and vulcanized rubber alkali organic chemistry during the cooking operation, making the wood fiber antigen resistant The compressive strength is less damaged, so the final paper and chemical fibers are closely connected, and the paper is firm and can bear higher supporting force and working pressure without cracking.
Four years later, the first shopping kraft paper bag came out. It has a square bottom edge and has a higher volume than a traditional V-shaped paper bag. A string goes around the bottom and sides to increase its carrying capacity and creates 2 easy-to-access snaps on top of the paper bag. Duvina named the shopping bag in his own name and applied for a patent in 1915. At this time, the annual sales of this shopping bag had already exceeded 1 million. Let us know how to make a kraft paper bag: How to make a small milky white kraft paper bag: This paper bag is completely formed by an assembly line machine, rope lock. Tight construction period, high efficiency and fast, low cost and economical. Small and medium-sized paper bags are basically manufactured and formed in the equipment, and are carried out according to the human rope. Due to the limitation of industrial equipment, large packaging can only be made by hand, which increases the product cost to a certain level, consumes financial and material resources, and the work efficiency is very low. The production process of simple-looking kraft paper bags is not easy. To cherish every paper bag is to cherish hard work.

Post time: Apr-13-2022