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Canvas bags are very popular among young people and are loved by many people. As everyone knows, canvas bags are made of canvas after all, so there will be stains in the application process. So, how to clean the canvas bag is dirty? How to clean canvas bags to reduce damage to the bag? The following are several methods and frequently asked questions about cleaning canvas bags, for reference only:
1. The first cleaning: The first cleaning must be specially solved. In order to better increase the service life of the canvas satchel, a little salt must be added to the water to completely dissolve it in the water, and then the canvas bag must be soaked in water for half an hour. , which is characterized by a reasonable imitation of canvas bags fading.
2. Water temperature regulation: The canvas satchel is made of high-quality canvas, and the temperature cannot be too high during cleaning. If the temperature is too high, it will become soft like a cotton towel, causing the appearance to be slightly deformed or loosened. It is best to adjust the temperature below 30 degrees.
3. Cleaning method: It is not necessary to put it into the automatic washing machine and wash it with other clothes and pants. The canvas bag is made of canvas, so it is also very easy to digest and absorb the color. If other clothes fade, it will harm the color of the canvas bag itself, which will cause secondary pollution; it is best not to mix the bag with clothes and pants to save inconvenience.
4. Selection of cleaning solution: The canvas usually fades slightly, so you must pay attention to the type and amount of organic chemical detergents when cleaning. Generally speaking, it is not necessary to use a cleaning solution with a bleaching effect or a fluorescent light. When using, be sure to pay attention to the instructions on the inspection package design. If it is not for oil or ink stains, the amount used must be controlled as much as possible to avoid fading as much as possible.
5. Dryness: The canvas bag is not suitable for exposure to the sun, as the water will quickly evaporate and leave imprints, resulting in yellowing. Therefore, it is best to dry it in a ventilated place after washing it with cold water.
In addition, it must be noted that the good time should not be too long. Generally, after a month of continuous use, it must be replaced by another bag, because the canvas will absorb the moisture or sweat in the air and erode the connective tissue of the canvas, which is very bad for the canvas bag. It is recommended to clean it once a month for continuous application.
Daily cleaning and maintenance of canvas bags:
If the canvas bag is free of all unique dirt, you can immediately put the entire bag in water and clean it with a soft brush, but the parts with obvious stains must be partially cleaned. For example, if the bag has oil stains on it, you can clean it with detergent. When cleaning completely, use a soft brush to clean completely! In addition, if you are concerned about the discoloration of the bag, you can add some salt or white rice vinegar to the water, then soak the bag for about 30 minutes, and then clean it neatly, which can reasonably avoid discoloration.
The background color of many canvas bags is milky white, and there are pattern designs in many tones on it. If you don’t pay attention to the cleaning of this package, it is very easy to lead to cross color. It is recommended to use neutral and soft detergents, such as shampoo, when cleaning such bags, as well as clothing softeners such as detergents and gold textile products, mainly to avoid alkaline detergents from damaging the skin Surface, but be careful not to let the skin surface absorb too much water, it is recommended to wash the skin surface with a clean cloth. Naturally, the final dryness is a very critical process. Worrying about the color transfer, use a lot of paper towels to wrap the bag to clean up the bag, and be sure to be close to the wrapping surface to avoid color transfer and yellowing of the canvas surface. It should be noted that it must be dry in the shade or in the wind. Do not let the sun dry immediately. When drying, it is best to take out the lining of the bag to dry to avoid damage to the surface of the bag during the drying process.

Post time: Mar-26-2022