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As a common commodity packaging type in daily life, carton packaging has been used since the invention of paper. It has become more and more refined in the production and processing of carton boxes, pursuing perfect carton quality, but also pursuing high-end and exquisite appearance, so that the existence of carton boxes makes products more valuable. Especially in the context of garbage classification and plastic restriction orders, the use of cartons is more in line with the needs of the times, and the demand will also increase. As we all know, it is not easy to meet quality standards while pursuing the perfect quantity due to the material of the carton. Various problems are prone to occur during the production and processing of cartons. Let’s take a look at the common problems and solutions in the production process of cartons.
1. Uneven glue
Bonding the carton with adhesive is an indispensable part of the carton forming, and the amount of glue and whether the glue is uniform will directly affect the final quality of the carton. If the amount of glue is too small or the carton is not strong, it is easy to crack and damage during use, even if the appearance is beautiful, it is easy to lose the use value; too much glue, not only easy to leak glue, affecting the appearance of the carton, but also easy to soften the carton, resulting in the quality of the carton worry.
Second, the paper is not cut neatly
In order to make a suitable size carton, cutting the paper is an indispensable step, but if the machine track conveys the cardboard is not flat, it is easy to cut unevenly, which makes the carton easy to leak, warp, and bend unequally, which greatly improves the carton molding reject rate. Businesses will also incur higher production costs.
3. The carton is too thick or too thin
Regarding the carton, in addition to observing whether the surface is clean and flat, whether its thickness is appropriate is also a factor that cannot be ignored. If the carton is too thick, it will make the overall feel of the carton thicker, which will affect its use; if it is too thin, the carton will be too fragile and the quality level will not meet the requirements. The thickness of the carton depends on the pressure when pressing the box. If the pressure is too high, the carton will be too thin, and if the pressure is too small, the carton will be too thick, making it difficult to produce and process finished products.
Of course, there are many problems in the actual production process of cartons, but in order to avoid the production and processing of inferior cartons, manufacturers must pay more attention to the production process, and a powerful box machine is an indispensable help, which can save errors in the manual boxing process.

Post time: Apr-21-2022