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Cotton&Canvas Bag

Cotton bags are customized by manufacturers and environmental protection, which is a dull scar behind China’s economic boom for more than 30 years. Plastic bags bring convenience to people’s lives and also cause long-term harm to the environment.
Because plastic is not easy to be decomposed, the pollution to the environment is very serious, so plastic shopping has become the main source of white pollution, in order to prevent white pollution, in order to build our beautiful and harmonious home, to take good care of our Earth, we must raise the flag of environmental protection, take practical actions, carry up cotton bags, reject plastic bags, and make contributions to environmental protection.
Compared with plastic bags, cotton bags can be degraded and will not pollute the environment.
Material: cotton bag is made of natural cotton, which is a very environmentally friendly raw material.
Advantages: The cotton bag is small and portable with high firmness, and can be reused. It takes a long time to use and is not easy to be damaged; The fabric is soft, easy to fold and carry, easy to clean and not easy to dye, fine lines, good printing and imaging effects; It is both environmentally friendly and fashionable, and cheap, which is an indispensable product in people’s life.
Customized processing: for use: Universal Packaging Bags, environmentally friendly wine cloth bags
Bottom side: with bottom and side, with bottom and side, without bottom and side
Style: bundle pocket, handbag, punching bag, folding bag, backpack bag
Printing process: silk screen printing, machine printing, thermal transfer printing, film coating, offset printing, flocking, machine embroidery, gravure printing, embossing