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Valve Bag

We provide different kinds of packaging. A variety of packaging in chemical, construction, agriculture and other industries can be found here.
Polypropylene woven bag – this bag is a strong and durable packaging form for storing and transporting products. BOPP is extruded into yarn, woven, and then laminated on photo quality prints to provide high-quality and attractive finished bags. This kind of packaging is often suitable for feed and chemical products packaging.
Valve bag – this bag is suitable for high-speed filling of powder products to form a clean and dust-free working environment. Generally used for cement and chemical packaging.
Square Bottom Bags – these bags are open, sewn at the bottom, and can be used for animal feed, food feed and industrial products.
All bags can be printed and customized, whether woven paper or kraft paper. They are easy to transport, store and protect against moisture. It is the most common packaging in chemical industry, agriculture and other fields.