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Paper Box

Quality Paper wrapped Cardboard Gift Box with easy folding sides and lid, with magnetic case/use attached stickers to ensure a safe fit, gift Box structure is strong, wide and suitable for wine glasses, mugs, mini bottles, T-shirts, cosmetics and other accessories, great for DIY — we offer personalized customization.
Material: coated paper, grey paper, kraft paper weight of 120g-210g, special paper weight of 150g-210g, cardboard weight of 800g-2000g.
Process: light film (oil), dumb film (oil), UV, bronzing, concave, convex, relief (bronzing + convex)
Color: pantone
Application and features: Gift packaging box is the extension of the social needs of packaging.
It not only has the function of packaging, but also highlights the value of goods to some extent.
The beauty of the gift box is directly proportional to the increase in the value of the goods, which has a strong influence in beautifying the goods and attracting customers.