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Custom 3ply Heavy Duty Packing Kraft Paper Bags 25kg 20kg 50kg

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Moisture Proof, Store


we accept custom size ,logo design,material,etc


Kraft paper or per customers’ requirement

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External valve port、Inner valve port


  Square bottom


Customization for 40gsm–150gsm



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Support sample,5-7days Production time



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Zhejiang, China

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Shengyuan-packaging company

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Product Introduction

Valve bag, commonly known as paste bottom bag, is fed from the valve port at the top of the bag and filled by filling machine. After loading the materials, the shape of the bag is a cuboid, which is efficient, neat and beautiful, easy to transport, firm and so on. This kind of packaging is used for various granular or powdery substances. It is generally used for cement and chemical packaging, with a load of about 10-50kg. A filling port with sealing function is arranged above the square bottom valve pocket. There are two types of valves, outer valve port and inner valve port, which can be selected according to different filling requirements.

Valve bag can be divided into PP valve bag, PE valve bag, paper plastic composite valve bag, kraft paper valve bag and multi-layer kraft paper valve bag according to material.

Paper plastic composite valve bag: it is made of plastic woven bag (hereinafter referred to as base cloth) after tape casting (cloth / film / paper composite is three in one)
Kraft paper valve bag: it is made of kraft paper. The number of layers of kraft paper generally ranges from one layer to six layers according to the purpose, and the middle can be coated or added with PE plastic film.
PE valve bag: commonly known as heavy package valve bag, it is made of polyethylene film, and the thickness of the film is generally between 8-20 wires.
Low melting point valve bag: it is made of low melting point polyethylene film. The thickness of the film is generally between 8-20 wires. It is suitable for large-scale production and use of chemical enterprises on the assembly line. It can reduce pollution and reduce workers’ labor intensity.
Composite valve bag: it is a new material with printability of paper and moisture resistance and firmness of plastic.

The following are the recommended dimensions (3D dimensions) and thickness, taking the paper valve bags as an example:

Self leveling cement-25kg-40 * 45 * 10cm, thickness of each layer 80g
Self leveling cement-50kg-50 * 56 * 10cm, thickness of each layer 70-80g
Putty powder-15kg-38 * 38 * 10cm, thickness of each layer 75-80g
Putty powder-20kg-40 * 45 * 10cm, thickness of each layer 80g

Custom selection:
Bag making width: 180-705mm
Printing color: 1-8
Bag length: 300-1500mm
Number of material layers: 1-7
Bag width: 70-300mm
Materials: all kinds of kraft paper, paper plastic composite cloth, lined with plastic film and aluminum film
Valve port: single layer or multi-layer kraft paper, and plastic film, woven material, paper plastic composite material

1. It is easy to store and form a sealed and moisture-proof environment after sealing
2. The printed pattern of valve bag is not easy to fall off
3. High penetration resistance
4. UV resistance
5. After loading materials, the three-dimensional shape is convenient for transportation
6. Low damage rate and high packaging efficiency

The details can be customized according to your requirements.

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