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At present, the proportion of plastic woven bags in the total output value of the packaging industry in the Chinese market has exceeded 30%, becoming a new force in the packaging industry and playing an irreplaceable role in various fields of food, beverage, daily necessities and industrial and agricultural production. The plastic woven bag industry will mainly show three development trends in the future:

Plastic woven bags will become green, and the waste of plastic woven bags has aroused widespread concern in the society. Strengthen the scientific management and utilization of plastic packaging, recycle waste plastics to a greater extent, and gradually develop and utilize degradable plastics. In China, degradable plastics have been greatly developed. It is urgent to vigorously develop and promote the use of degradable plastics.

Plastic woven bag packaging will move towards lightweight and reduce the packaging weight. Lightweight refers to producing packaging with fewer materials and reducing the weight of packaging, which is profitable for the environment and enterprises. Generally speaking, plastic bottles, plastic cans, plastic hoses and plastic caps are easier to achieve the goal of packaging weight reduction.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living environment and environmental protection quality, green, environmental protection and low-carbon plastic woven bags will be more and more respected by people. Plastic woven bags have developed from food packaging to industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials packaging, cosmetics packaging and other fields, and their application scope and prospect will be wider and wider.

China’s plastic packaging market has a huge demand, but plastic packaging is difficult to degrade after being discarded, which will cause great harm to soil and water. Recycled plastic packaging is usually burned, which will pollute the atmosphere. With the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies in China, the development of plastic packaging industry is also facing severe challenges. It is an inevitable trend to develop and launch environment-friendly plastic packaging. Degradable plastic packaging materials such as photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics and water-soluble plastics have become the research and development hotspot of plastic packaging industry. On the whole, China’s plastic packaging industry is facing not only new development opportunities, but also severe challenges.


Post time: Aug-30-2021